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Dear God…its been weeks……..

Dear Rouleurs,

MMT has been suffering new untold levels of sleep deprivation partly to due SBSs excellent Tour de France coverage and the arrival the most recent addition to Team MMT. Born June 11, 2.38pm at 3.25kg, we look forward to when young AJ is able ride her first bike. Both Mum and bub are doing really well.

Hence no blogs….however today is the first time MMT has had to write something, albeit brief. Way back on 8th July 2016…it seems so long ago…The Age published a really wonderful article about how utterly traffic clogged inner Melbourne roads are becoming.  This infographic caught my eye.

Ha...proof that bikes are faster than cars in Melbourne.

Ha…proof that bikes are faster than cars in Melbourne.

Contrary to what the wag of journalist concluded, if you need to get somewhere in hurry in peak hour traffic, RIDE A BIKE.

Marv does the MS Cycle 2016

Dear Rouleurs,

A few weeks ago, one half of  Team MMT did the 50km version of the 2016 MS Cycle.  Back in 2013, Team MMT did the 30km version with a few friends.  We also had it in our calendar last year, but untimely bronchitis put  this half of the team into bed for a week.  Needless to say this was poorly timed and made MMT very grumpy for a few weeks afterwards.

Fortunately, the 2016 version was a really enjoyable experience.  Unlike last year’s atrocious conditions, the weather was cool, overcast and relatively windless.  The event started and finished at Flemington, which Team MMT had never visited before. Overall, the event was superbly organised, with one exception. The outbound route looped around through the traffic queuing to to use event parking which put many cars and cyclists in close proximity to each other. Really not cool. The course map is shown below:

MS Cycle 2016 Event Map

MS Cycle 2016 Event Map

The 50km route looped through a number of backstreets, lanes and bike paths in Flemington, West Melbourne, Kingsville and Altona that MMT had never ridden before.  Given the early start, the route was relatively car free and where the route changed direction or merged with traffic, volunteers were on hand to reduce any  road user ‘conflict’.   MMT had three highlights for the day:
1. Travelling over the Westgate Bridge and clocking 70 km/h on descent.
2. The volunteers were clearly cycling fans as they came prepared with cow bells and signs.
3. The village with post-event entertainment.

MMT has a few happy snaps to document the event.

Ready, Steady, Go....its MS Cycle 2016.

Ready, Steady, Go….its MS Cycle 2016.

View from the top, looking towards Port Melbourne.

View from the top, looking towards Port Melbourne.

Climbing leads to descending...which is much more fun :-)

Climbing leads to descending…fast …which is much more fun 🙂

Atrocious selfie on the Westgate. How the hell does Gen Y take these things??

Atrocious selfie on the Westgate. How the hell does Gen Y take these things??

Hanging with fellow rouleurs at the second rest stop.

Hanging with fellow rouleurs at the third rest stop. I lost the triathletes I was drafting here…oh well 🙂

Serious kudos to this rouler who carted his kids round the 30Km course. Finish line in the background.

Serious kudos to this rouler who carted his kids round the 30km course. Finish line in the background.

Overall, it was great fun and hope to participate in the event next year.

Until next time, ride safe


Cars vs Bikes infographics


Dear Roulers,

I’m a big fan of the infographic.  Whilst I’m some what concerned that the Gen Y/Hipster/Millennial types may be using these as an excuse not read text that takes longer than 30 seconds, the infographic is a snappy way of getting a point across.  Which brings me to 2 that I found on that wonderful place….the internet.

The first is sourced from CycleAsia who are promoting cycling as a healthly, better for the environment than cars alternative of transport.  Imagine how much better our inner city roads would be there were less cars.


The second is from our own wonderfully low profile Cycling Promotion Fund.  For me this one makes the point beautifully as to why people should be riding a bike and not driving a car.




The moral of the story being if you trip is under 3km, do the planet a favour and use your  bicycle. My own personal contribution to saving the planet this year has ticked over the 2,800 kilometre mark this week, which means I am 56% complete on my goal for this year.

On a different tack, its only 6 more sleeps until the Tour de France 2015.  Woo hoo 🙂

Until next time,


Melbourne City’s Cycling Plan

Dear Roulers,

Occasionally, I’m prone to having a winge about why Melbourne Councils and the Victorian State Government don’t do more to encourage people in inner suburbs to commute to work.   The other when I was doing a search for cycling infographics I stumbled upon this -> http://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/AboutCouncil/PlansandPublications/strategies/Pages/Bikeplan.aspx

I have to say was impressed.  However, the current plan finishes 2016 and the Council have commenced seeking engagement and feedback on the next plan for 2016-2020.  All I can say is get involved -> http://participate.melbourne.vic.gov.au/projects/draft-bicycle-plan-2016-2020/

Any way here’s the current cycle plan’s infographic and I think its pretty kewl.

See you on the roads.