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MMT’s 2018 Annual Report

Dear Rouleurs,

MMT has finally got around to reviewing his effort in 2018 and generally seeking to tidy up his blog.

Overall, 2018 was interesting year in the life of MMT.  MMT continued to be amazed by the development of his first daughter, the Ginger Ninja. 
Towards the end of 2018, Team MMT commenced a very exciting project.  The Team Manager, Mrs MMT, became pregnant with team’s second daughter.  At the time of writing, May 2019, that project is at the 33 week mark and progressing well. 

MMT’s efforts through out the year where fairly even, except for the last 3 months, where a 4 week holiday in Spain and the UK, clipped the end of October and start of November.  MMT finished December in style with a 1200km effort, mostly on the back of a Festive 500 effort.  MMT managed to attend 2 people’s rides, the Cadel Evans in January and the MS Cycle April. MMT didn’t really ride much with RCC. The Southside ride seemed to become a 40Km/h smashfest suitable for younger or lighter riders.

MMT’s beloved AFL football team, Richmond Tigers won the minor premiership, but ran out of gas against an impressive Collingwood in the Preliminary Final.  Going home at half time is a very bitter memory.  The alternative of sitting next to the Collingwood Cheer Squad at the city end was not an option.  Damn you Mason Cox!!!

So onto cycling, here’s bunch of pretty charts to present.  The first one shows MMTs yearly worm.   The dip at October and November reflects Team MMT’s northern hemisphere holiday.  The sharp kick at the end is the Festive 500.  The overall total of 8,269 kilometres was the first time MMT has managed more than 8,000 kilometres in a calendar

The second, has the same data set, except its month by month.  This graph shows how MMT’s efforts seesawed between months of 800+ km and 600+km for the first 9 months of the years. 

The final graph shows my ride activity month on month.  MMT averaged nearly 30 rides a month, through a mix of commuting, early morning circuits and longer weekend rides.

So in summary the numbers for 2018 look like this:

So in an average month MMT, does 29 rides, for 689km, which takes about 29 hours and burns 16,428 calories.  His overall average speed was 23.15 km/h.  MMT wonders what he could achieve if he were 10kg lighter.

Until next blog, ride safe


Marv’s March Bike Log

Dear Rouleurs,

March an awesome month for cycling.  MMT clocked up 753.29 Km and beat his old record by some way.   The weather has been excellent, with light winds and mainly sunny conditions.   MTT’s  log and stats can be found here. This puts me over 200 km ahead of my monthly goal of 542km.

The big numbers are longer solo and RCC training rides.  March 26 was the date MMT did the MS Cycle 50 km event.  Here’s the matching suffer score graph for the above graph.

Apparently I suffered more this month than the previous two, despite having no big events in March.

Until next blog, ride safe.


Marv does the MS Cycle 2016

Dear Rouleurs,

A few weeks ago, one half of  Team MMT did the 50km version of the 2016 MS Cycle.  Back in 2013, Team MMT did the 30km version with a few friends.  We also had it in our calendar last year, but untimely bronchitis put  this half of the team into bed for a week.  Needless to say this was poorly timed and made MMT very grumpy for a few weeks afterwards.

Fortunately, the 2016 version was a really enjoyable experience.  Unlike last year’s atrocious conditions, the weather was cool, overcast and relatively windless.  The event started and finished at Flemington, which Team MMT had never visited before. Overall, the event was superbly organised, with one exception. The outbound route looped around through the traffic queuing to to use event parking which put many cars and cyclists in close proximity to each other. Really not cool. The course map is shown below:

MS Cycle 2016 Event Map

MS Cycle 2016 Event Map

The 50km route looped through a number of backstreets, lanes and bike paths in Flemington, West Melbourne, Kingsville and Altona that MMT had never ridden before.  Given the early start, the route was relatively car free and where the route changed direction or merged with traffic, volunteers were on hand to reduce any  road user ‘conflict’.   MMT had three highlights for the day:
1. Travelling over the Westgate Bridge and clocking 70 km/h on descent.
2. The volunteers were clearly cycling fans as they came prepared with cow bells and signs.
3. The village with post-event entertainment.

MMT has a few happy snaps to document the event.

Ready, Steady, Go....its MS Cycle 2016.

Ready, Steady, Go….its MS Cycle 2016.

View from the top, looking towards Port Melbourne.

View from the top, looking towards Port Melbourne.

Climbing leads to descending...which is much more fun :-)

Climbing leads to descending…fast …which is much more fun 🙂

Atrocious selfie on the Westgate. How the hell does Gen Y take these things??

Atrocious selfie on the Westgate. How the hell does Gen Y take these things??

Hanging with fellow rouleurs at the second rest stop.

Hanging with fellow rouleurs at the third rest stop. I lost the triathletes I was drafting here…oh well 🙂

Serious kudos to this rouler who carted his kids round the 30Km course. Finish line in the background.

Serious kudos to this rouler who carted his kids round the 30km course. Finish line in the background.

Overall, it was great fun and hope to participate in the event next year.

Until next time, ride safe