March’s Rides

March 2021 made MMT a bit grumpy, the long weekend in March was a write off, due to kiddie borne childcare gastro. This took MMT off his bike and result in far too much time in the vincity of the bathroom. Nevertheless, 870+km in month is a great result.

MMT is nearly 770km + ahead of his annual goal, month on month. It could have been so much better…sigh. However the good news MMT has been attending AFl games for the first time in 12 months and witnessed 2 wins at the G.

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(2021 -2020)
Total Monthly Kms (666 km goal)753.29825.5642.74745.23872.52+127.29
Accum. Kms to month end2,100.862,277.472,040.42,206.912766.67+559.76
Total Rides2928272731+4
 Total Minutes on the Bike1,8512,0491,6361,7642,164+400
 Total Elevation2,1702,6772,2322,2012,214+13
 Total Calories18,56119,16412,25611,42315,056-3,633

Here’s bike log for this month:

Here’s the accumulated kilometre worm for this month: