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Welcome Back to 2019

Dear Rouleurs,

Where does the time go?? It’s been quite a few weeks since MMT managed to knock out a post on this blog. Christmas chaos aside, MMT completed his second ever Festive 500. Woo hoo. In the 2018 version, MMT managed 520 km and ranked 11,525 out of a possible 55,645, which is not bad for 100Kg Clydesdale nearing the big 5-0 (…sigh…were does the time go…). Incidentally, that was 20km more than last year. If my venerable Garmin 510 hadn’t messed up on way point mapping it would have been 531km. Which might have bumped MMT, up the leader board, a few places. MMT digresses.

MMT has done some initial analysis on his 2017 and 2018 efforts.   MMT was surprised that there wasn’t actually that much difference.  2018 was slightly quicker in overall elapsed time but took one more ride.  MMT varied his ride strategy by doing laps around Albert Park Lake for active recovery. This has had the unexpected benefit of increasing his stamina. That particular course only has one traffic light, which meant chunks of 5km or 10 km being ridden without break at 25 -30 km/h. Its also quite mentally, therapeutic, particularly if you can lap behind someone doing roughly the same speed. Its possible to tune out and ‘feel’ the bike on the road. That’s entirely too much zen… 😉

So here’s some pretty stats. The first is a summary table comparing 2017 to 2018.

Festive 500 Comparison Table

The second set of stats is this graph which compares the daily accumulated kilometres ridden for both events.

This time round, the best day MMT had on the bike, was the 27/12. MMt managed 104km at an average speed was 28Km/h. MMT’s worst day was the 29/12, when it rained quite heavily after a number of warm days. With in 20 minutes of leaving home MMT had to fix 2 flat tires. Both were on the front. The second was a result of his own stupidity, failing to check the tire, which still had a very large piece of glass in it.

The photo below was taken outside the Seaman’s Mission in Docklands. Its a good thing, that this wasn’t a selfie, MMT wasn’t a happy camper at the time.

Since the Festive 500, MMT has made an effort to re-connect with RCC and the Laps with Chats ride on Friday morning and has ridden the 2019 Cadel Evans Peoples Ride. The next blog will probably be about that ride.

Until next time, ride safe


January is slipping by…..

Dear Rouleurs,

MMT is back at work…sob…been through a recruitment/reorg exercise that has had more in common with a baby seal cull and unforgivably been neglecting this blog.  The shame of it!!!

Fear not, I’ve found another of Dave Walker’s cartoons to tide you over until I can write something sensible. I’m still way behind on doing my kilometres for 2017 analysis, although the final number looks like its over 8,000km.

Part of the joy of living in Port Melbourne is that it is a rare day indeed when the wind doesn’t blow.  As its summer, Melbourne’s equivalent of the Fremantle Doctor kicks in around 5.30pm and makes riding home from work a good deal harder that it is ordinarily.  That made me think of this cartoon.

If you look closely you’ll see what I mean about the bloody wind.  As this is a blatant act of intellectual piracy, here’s a link to Dave’s Book.

Until next time, ride safe.


Ode to TISM and Dior BMX

Dear Rouleurs,

MMT has long been a fan of Melbourne’s ultimate underground band ‘This Is Serious Mum’ aka TISM.  MMT believes that members of self-entitled Gen-Y should be forced to listen to TISM as means to increase their self-awareness.

For example, the song What Are Ya? should be played on rotation to hipsters:

You’re a yob or you’re a wanker
Take your fucking choice
So who is your favourite genius
James Hird or James Joyce?

You ever seen a live performance?
Join the wanker club
You thought I meant table top dancing?
You’re a yobbo, bub

I digress.  MMT was driven to this latest burst of hostility after skim reading today’s AFR (yup I’m a wanker 😉 but he was trying to figure what to do about his superannuation) when he encountered this:

For the love of God…$4,300 for BMX/fashion statement.  Contrary, to what the AFR writer/wanker says, MMT can and will resist the urge to buy something like this.  Also its really not that stylish.  Clearly, if you are buying one of these things you have too much money.


Think again and donate the same amount of cash to a worthwhile charity.

Ok that’s my moralising rant finished.  TISM please make a comeback and release a new album, the world needs you.



Marv’s August Ride Log

Dear Rouleurs,

August was another month messed up by YAFF – yet another f&%king flu, at the start and end of the month.  Given that August was a five week month, that lost time really hurt.  Looking out the window at clear windless mornings while coughing up gunk off my lungs, just pissed me off. Repeated trips to the doctor, a chest x-ray and couple of courses of antibiotics still haven’t managed to get MMT back on the bike.

As a consequence, MMT only just scraped past his monthly target.  Boooooo!!! MMT hates YAFFs.  Overall I’m still about 695km ahead of the weekly accumulated target as of the 2nd September. MMT is hoping for much better health and progress in September.  So here’s my monthly graph.  Its distinguished by flatline totals at the start and end of the month.

In yet another statistical quirk, while the monthly kilometres was down, MMT’s average suffer score rose from last month’s 36 to this month’s 39.

My ride log is found here.

Until next blog, ride safe.