Marv’s N+1 List


Every avid cyclist is aware of the Velominati’s “The Rules”.

Rule # 12 // The correct number of bikes to own is n+1.

While the minimum number of bikes one should own is three, the correct number is n+1, where n is the number of bikes currently owned. This equation may also be re-written as s-1, where s is the number of bikes owned that would result in separation from your partner.

MMT has 4 and is largely bound by the ‘s-1’ equation. If MMT had the funds and more importantly his wife’s permission, then this list covers a very likely set of “+1’s”.

Montague Paratrooper Pro
MMT very nearly bought this bike when he lived in the UK.  It is utterly ingenious.

Unfolded, ready to ride.

Folded & not taking up much room.

Sandwich WF-2
I still can’t get over how clever this design is.

Out of the box…

In the box…

 Budnitz No.3
MMT is in love with the titanium curves of this bike…beautiful and almost indestructible.

Front view…wow.

Rear view…wow

Bellitanner NYC Cab
I would love one of these, but I reckon the aggressive geometry of frame would kill my dodgy back.

Phoaw…profile shot

Check out the tube work.

Canondale Bad Boy 1
This is the reason I swapped my F4 to commute mode.  I have to say I’m in two minds about the Brooks Brother’s trim I’ve seen on the newer models

Profile shot.

Check out the lefty.

SPA Bicicletto
As a rule MMT tends to think eBikes are basically…for lack of better word…cheating. However, if you are going to cheat then it probably should be with this dramatic Bicicletto from Italy’s SPA – the Società Piemontese Automobili. This pedal-electric hybrid is packed with 21st Century tech. Mind you, the price tag is a whopping 11,000 Euro.

Hot, hot, hot…but light.

Italian style applied to ebikes.

Tribel Gran Tourismo
This children’s tricycle is a reinterpretation of the approx. 40 year-old vehicle called “Liliput”. This two-in-front is dead-simple, with an aluminium or steel frame, and a front spoiler and pedals made of pear or beechwood. It steers just like a car, and a toothed belt drive inside the frame runs a fixed gear at a 2:1 ratio. Should a downhill prove too formidable for little feet, there’s also an elegant handbrake.  How can MMT convince his wife, that his darling half-pint daughter needs one of these?  Cost is a cool 600 euro.

Makes me want to be 5 years old.

German engineering at its finest.

Viks Steel Urban Bicycle
Given single-speed cyclists’ pathological fixation with minimalism, Estonia’s Velonia – a boutique studio  – has lopped off the seat tube right where it stood. The resulting bicycle, the Viks, is a noodly abstraction fashioned from just two steel tubes, joined at the head tube below the handlebar. A Viks can be configured for either fixed or freewheel riding,

Hot pink angle shot.

What no seat post??

BSG Wood.b
MMT can’t seem to find an original web presence for the manufacturer of this beautiful wooden bike. However he couldn’t help giggle when he saw this comment – “It’s really gonna suck when you walk out of Starbucks with your Mocha No Whip Carmel Chia Venti Latte to notice that someone sawed your bike in half.” Now, now I appreciate the anti-hipster/gen-y comment… but its still gorgeous.  However, price of about 3,200 Euros might mean its an art piece for your lounge room.

Sublimely beautiful, more art than bike.

Another gorgeous angle.

Vanmoof S Series
Amsterdam’s Vanmoof has been building this style of bike since 2009.  The S Series commuter bike shown below improves the utility of the original, by adding an eight-speed Shimano internal hub and disc brakes.  At a price of US$ 1,100 its actually pretty good value.  MMT has even seen these in Melbourne.

Another Dutch design classic.

The ultimate city bike.