Marv Reads

Marv’s bumper list of cycling websites, magazines and books.


Bicycling Australia

Ride On

Bicycle Network –

The Melbourne Whip –

La Velocita


Procycling –

The London Cyclist –

Road –

Bicycle Times –

Bicycling –

Bike Hack –


Bike Rumour –

The Biking Philosopher –

Bike Hugger –

Fatty’s Bike Blog – – love this guy.  Look for the DZnutz blog. The facial expressions are priceless 🙂

The Human Cyclist – published my favourite cyclist cartoon.


Geoffrey Wheatcroft – Le Tour: A History of the Tour The Tour De France – 2013

Peter Cossins – The Monuments: The Grit and the Glory of Cycling†™s Greatest One-day Races – 2014

Ianto Ware – Twenty One Nights In July: A Personal History of The Tour De France – 2014

Simon Doughty – The Long Distance Cyclist’s Handbook – 2006

Tim Moore – Gironimo!: Riding the Very Terrible 1914 Tour of Italy – 2014 – this guy is a complete nutter 🙂

Ned Boulting – 101 Damnations – 2014 – this is laugh out loud material.

Max Leonard – Laterne Rouge – 2014 – made me feel that being slower and at the back of the peloton wasn’t so bad.

RCUK Road Cycling UK – Infographic Guide to Cycling – 2014 – beautifully designed and informative.

Peter Drinkell – The Road Cyclist’s Companion – 2014 – another beautiful book.  A grown-ups response to NYC Bike Snob.

John Deering & Phil Ashley – How to Be a Cyclist: An A–Z of Life on Two Wheels – a witty dialogue between a newbie and a pro on an alphabet of cycling topics.