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The return of Richmonditis…the end of an era

Dear Rouleurs,

MMT’s enjoyment of AFL has been greatly reduced by the sudden loss of form from his beloved Richmond team. Tumbling from 7w 5l to 9w 12l as of today. Pretty much everything that could go wrong has gone, losing close games, night club indiscretions and a lascerated kidney for Dustin Martin all against the background of the COVID pandemic.

Now season is being closed out with retirements of club stalwarts, rumours of feuds with AFL HQ and general bad tempered sniping from Carolyn Wilson. This is all just starting to feel like 2012 to 2016…sigh. MMT just has this feeling after watching the young Swans team dismantle Richmond at the G on a sunny Saturday afternoon that things were amiss. The impression was further deepened by the trouncings the Tigers received from Geelong and Melbourne.

So where to now Tigers, what is the future without Cotchin, Martin, Riewoldt, Edwards, Grimes, Caddy?? Premiers 2020 to rebuild in 2022? Still 2017 to 2020 has been a thing of beauty. Lets hope the next premiership isn’t 37 years in the making.

Richmond tragic to the end,