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More infographics as I’ve been too busy to write a proper blog…


Dear Roulers,

I’ve been way too busy in the last few weeks as I’ve become a Dad. ¬†OMG……another team member for MMT ūüôā ¬†Born 11 June this year, it might be a few years before she receives her first bike. ¬†Both mum and bub are doing well. ¬†However, sleep deprivation is now becoming a serious issue :-).

So MMT has been a long time fan of the infographic, some are clever, some are well designed, others merely exist to communicate to attention challenged Gen Y. ¬†Fortunately this infographic pillaged from the official Giro d’Italia site falls firmly into the clever and well designed categories. ¬†Its just a damn shame that this didn’t end on some merchandise. ¬†Presumably it wasn’t Armani enough.

This one of the more clever stage profile and map that I've seen. Pity the race organisers didn't put this on a cap or t-shirt.

This one of the more clever stage profile and map that I’ve seen. Pity the race organisers didn’t put this wonderful graphic on a cap or t-shirt.

You can find it here at the official Giro site, but fair warning this website is a dog’s breakfast and doesn’t play well with older browsers. ¬†Come to think of it that’s typically Italian.

Until next, ride safe in the ghastly winter weather, particularly if you live in Melbourne.


Woo woo, here comes the Sky Train…

Dear Rouleurs,

In lieu of a proper blog about the shenanigans at 2015 edition of La Vuelta, for example various members of the Tinkoff-Saxo squad, most notably Peter Sagan, being struck by motorcycles and Chris Froome breaking his ankle, I thought I would provide another infographic.  Its been liberated from the rather wonderful RCUK’s Infographic Guide to Cycling .  I’ve provided the link to Amazon as shameless plug, hopefully, to ward off legal action for a blatant breach of copyright.

Woo...woo...here comes the Skytrain...

Woo…woo…here comes the Skytrain…

Here at marvmadethis.com, we’ve long identified that infographics are the preferred communication media of the attention/literacy challenged Gen Y.  For those of us not in that underachieving demographic, infographics occasionally capture something useful or entertaining.

The illustration above  does both, showing how Team Sky propel their GC rider, Chris Froome, along in a mountain stage. By keeping the tempo high, they attempt to prevent attacks from less well supported climbers, for example Alberto Contador.

I’m not sure which one of these was meant to Richie Porte ūüėČ

Until next time