September’s Rides

Last month MMT was YAFFed and hoping that it would be last time I would sick with some horrible upper repository virus.  MMT is most unhappy to say that he was YAFFed again in September.  The total of 444 km was his worst monthly total for years and nearly 100km under the monthly target.

However as per multiple blog entries September took on a far more significant meaning with MMT’s beloved Tigers winning three finals in row to become AFL premiers in 2017.  The 37 year wait is over. Graphic thoughtfully provided by Wikipedia and stolen by Marv.  The Tigers destroyed a number of highly fancied team by an average winning margin of 44 points.

Here’s the monthly summary:

Total Monthly Kms  444.06
 Total Rides  22
 Total Minutes on the Bike  1203
 Total Elevation  1076
 Total Calories  13921

Here’s the bike log: