September’s Rides

This is seriously late update on MMT’s 2018 bike log.

MMT is almost 7 months behind and its nearly Easter 2019.  Dear God were does the time go!!!   Looks like MMT had a very productive September 2018.  The comparative monthly stats, seem to be a bit off, particularly the total calories. There’s no way that an extra 300 km results in only 480 additional calories consumed.

The highlights being:

 2017 2018 2019 Comparison
Total Monthly Kms 444.06743.54+299.48
Accum. Kms to month end 5650.58 6320.48659.9
 Total Rides 2228+6
 Total Minutes on the Bike12031930+727
 Total Elevation10763218+2142
 Total Calories1392114401+480

Here’s the bike log:

Here’s the monthly accumulated kilometre worm for September 2018