June’s Rides

June was a much better month, with 625 km ridden.  This was the highest June total for MMT, in the time he’s been keeping records.  The first week of June was non-event, MMT suspects it was a carry over from May’s YAFF.

Here’s the monthly summary and comparison with June 2017 and 2018:

  2017 2018 2019 Comparison
Monthly Kms
(Target 666 kms)
602.49567.02 625.07+58.05
Accum. Kms to month end3983.544310.10 3888.26-421.54
 Total Rides2725 28+3
 Total Minutes on the Bike15301509 1706+197
 Total Elevation13122272 1773-499
 Total Calories1775411441 11720+279

Here’s my spreadsheet log.

This my monthly worm graph.