June’s Rides


June was a very disrupted month for MMT, with a YAFF and a long weekend away in WA, reducing his usual output by a significant amount.  So much so, that his 2018 total was actually lower than his 2017 total.

The weird thing about his comparison totals is how calorie totals are 1/3 less, whilst the overall time remained about the same…MMT is beginning to wonder whether Garmin changed its formula for working this stuff out in 2018. Also the elevation number is way off.  Dunno what happened there.

Here’s the monthly summary and comparison with June 2017:

 Monthly Total 2018 2017 Variance
 Rides 25 27 -2
 Kilometres Ridden 567.02  602.49 -35.47
 Accumulated Kilometres to April 4,310.10 3,983.54 +326.56
 Minutes on the Bike 1,509 1,530 -21
 Elevation 2, 272 1,312 +960
 Calories 11,441 17,754 -6,313

Here’s my spreadsheet log.

This my YTD worm graph.