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And….we’re back in 2018 and MMT is feeling festive ;-)

Dear Rouleurs,

It’s the second day of 2018, MMT is already been on the bike and churning out kilometres.  First things first,  MMT completed Rapha’s Festive 500, for the first time.  Here’s his log, written on the ever-so-stylish Rapha chit.

MMT cycled every day betwen the 27-12-2017 and the 30-12-2017, to finish the challenge with a day to spare.

At some point MMT will have to write a short blog about this challenge, which proved to be tough, mainly to muscle fatigue and horrible headwinds. Also, disappointingly, there didn’t appear to be any decent coffee shops in Frankston, which made 3 of rides particularly difficult…sigh 😉 All the rides were dutifully recorded on MMT’s strava log.

 Damn…MMT’s legs hurt after that second 100km ride.  As Jens Voight would say ‘shut up legs’…But still its worth all the pain to know that MMT finished 11,921st out of  69,622 who completed the challenge….giggle 🙂

Anyhow that the first blog for the year over and done with.

Until next time, ride safe.


Merry Christmas from MMT

Dear Rouleurs,

November and December have vanished in the blink of an eye, and MMT has not posted anything for over three weeks. MMT is way behind on updating his bike log.  A quick look at MMT’s Strava account reveals a grand total of almost 7,500 Km.  MMT has averaged 5 rides  and 160 Km a week all year.  Damn….thats not bad.  When MMT returns to work next year he’ll have to do the math and see where he ended up.

Santa came early for MMT.  He took delivery of a very cool and fast pair of Aeolus 5 wheels for his beloved Domane.  Whilst his wallet will hurt for a few months, the wheels have been absolutely superb and worth the $4,000 they cost.

The other nifty addition, to MMT’s never ending collection of bike paraphernalia, has been a Topeak bike seat.  This has been installed on Marv’s old Canondale F4, for the specific purpose of doing Sunday morning rides to the park with gorgeous half-pint daughter.  Here she is locked into the seat and enjoying being the centre of attention.

Change of topic, MMT scanned an article on Richie Porte a few months ago.  He’s Tasmania’s (er…Australia’s as well) best chance to win the Tour de France next year.  He had a horrific stack this year breaking his pelvis among other things.  You can see the screen capture of this incident, that I posted a few months ago.  The good news is that he is back training.  Another interesting development was the departure of Simon Gerrans to Porte’s Team BMC Racing.  That could make for a very interesting combination on the road next year.  Anyhow here’s blatant breach of copyright from Herald Sun a few months ago.

So finally, MMT and famil would like to wish any that may have accidently stumbled across this blog, a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2018.

Until next time, ride safe.





Marv’s September Bike Log

Dear Rouleurs,

Here’s my greatly delayed bike log for September.  Garmin, you suck, have fixed their website and enabled the CVS download feature again.  About time!!!  Anyhooo……

September was another month messed up by YAFF – yet another f&%king flu, at the start and in the middle of the month.  Gap in the middle coincided with a very cold Qualifying Final at the MCG.  About 5 days later, YAFF was back and putting MMT out of action.  Happily, I was well enough to attend the Preliminary Final, 2 weeks later.  Still it meant that I rode for about 2 and 1/2 weeks of the month.  Hence the incredibly crap total of 444 km.  So here’s my monthly graph.  Its distinguished by flatline totals at the start and month of the month.

As a consequence, MMT missed his his monthly target by nearly 100km.    MMT is hoping for much better health and progress in October. Needless to say my Suffer Scores are pretty poor as well.

My ride log is found here.

Until next blog, ride safe.


Garmin…you suck

Dear Rouleurs,

Alas life and work have been conspiring to keep MMT away from blogging.  However, much to my annoyance, the frigging Garmin site upgrade broke the download CVS feature which means MMT can’t write up his bike for October.

MMT was so irritated by this that  he designed Garmin, a new corporate logo in keeping with the site’s shortcomings.

MMT visiteded the Garmin customer forum and discovered that there were, as of today, 31 complaints listed already.

Garmin fix the bloody site, before I swap to Wahoo or Polar.

Not a happy camper