Marv’s July Bike Log


Dear Rouleurs,

July was a much better month for cycling around Melbourne and happily MMT wasn’t too badly messed about YAFF in the form of  Laryngitis.  The highlight of the month was the two rides he had in Sydney in late July.  Unfortunately, RCC Sydney didn’t have a spare bike on short notice.  So instead, MMT turned to Livelo, which provided a very serviceable SWIFT.  More on that next blog.

This meant I exceeded my monthly target by a solid 130 km.  However the overall total yearly total is still 704 km ahead of yearly target.  That’s about 6 weeks in terms of time.  So here’s my usual graphs.  As you can see a week was lost at the start, and daily totals were much lower than last month.

Weirdly, while the monthly kilometres was up, MMT’s average suffer score fell again, May (46), June (39) and then in July (36).  MMT suspects that skipping Thursday speedfests with RCCMEL might have something to do with it.

My ride log is found here.

Until next blog, ride safe.