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And….we’re back in 2018 and MMT is feeling festive ;-)

Dear Rouleurs,

It’s the second day of 2018, MMT is already been on the bike and churning out kilometres.  First things first,  MMT completed Rapha’s Festive 500, for the first time.  Here’s his log, written on the ever-so-stylish Rapha chit.

MMT cycled every day betwen the 27-12-2017 and the 30-12-2017, to finish the challenge with a day to spare.

At some point MMT will have to write a short blog about this challenge, which proved to be tough, mainly to muscle fatigue and horrible headwinds. Also, disappointingly, there didn’t appear to be any decent coffee shops in Frankston, which made 3 of rides particularly difficult…sigh 😉 All the rides were dutifully recorded on MMT’s strava log.

 Damn…MMT’s legs hurt after that second 100km ride.  As Jens Voight would say ‘shut up legs’…But still its worth all the pain to know that MMT finished 11,921st out of  69,622 who completed the challenge….giggle 🙂

Anyhow that the first blog for the year over and done with.

Until next time, ride safe.


Hello Rapha, Goodbye Pocket Money


Dear Roulers,

I guess it had to happen…finally Rapha have an outlet, all be it short lived, in Melbourne. I have to say… about bloody time guys. Every time I go to Sydney, I visit Rapha on Crown St and bemoan the fact that this is only place in Australia were you can see the full range of gear.

The Melbourne popup shop, located in Little Lonsdale St, follows the Rapha formula, providing good service, an interesting place to visit and a decent coffee service on the ground floor. It’s really well presented and gives a gentle nod to the history and culture of cycling via old black and white photos and heritage gear. The upper floor has a mechanics shop and meeting area.  Here’s a few pics from my last visit.

Rapha-1-sml Rapha-2-sml Rapha-3-sml
The front door Upstairs workshop A list of mountains I’ll never climb 😉

As Rapha clothing is designed for people that clearly have a lower percentage of body fat than I do, trying the gear on is essential. Yes I’m living XXL, although happily its a lot less snug than it used to be. I’m dreaming of the day that I’m able to invoke a jersey swap for a smaller size. Hopefully that offer will be around for a while yet.  Hopefully the store will stick around too.

Caio until next time…