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Marv’s August Ride Log

Dear Rouleurs,

August was another month messed up by YAFF – yet another f&%king flu, at the start and end of the month.  Given that August was a five week month, that lost time really hurt.  Looking out the window at clear windless mornings while coughing up gunk off my lungs, just pissed me off. Repeated trips to the doctor, a chest x-ray and couple of courses of antibiotics still haven’t managed to get MMT back on the bike.

As a consequence, MMT only just scraped past his monthly target.  Boooooo!!! MMT hates YAFFs.  Overall I’m still about 695km ahead of the weekly accumulated target as of the 2nd September. MMT is hoping for much better health and progress in September.  So here’s my monthly graph.  Its distinguished by flatline totals at the start and end of the month.

In yet another statistical quirk, while the monthly kilometres was down, MMT’s average suffer score rose from last month’s 36 to this month’s 39.

My ride log is found here.

Until next blog, ride safe.


Marv’s Jan 2016 Bike Log


Dear Rouleurs,

I’m a bit pissed off.  I spent the last two weeks afflicted by a stomach bug and chest inflection.  The first illness wiped out a long planned Australia Day holiday at Apollo Bay.  The second, prevented me from riding in the Cadel Evans Peoples Ride this week.  In short, this ruined my preparation and left me with a lingering chesty cough.  Bummer….oh well.

Peter Kennaugh wins the 2016 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Classic

Peter Kennaugh wins the 2016 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Classic

Having watched the men’s road race today, it looks like Australia has new one day classic on its cycling calendar.  I thought Team Sky’s Peter Kennaugh’s win today was outstanding, with his attack on the final climb of the last lap, showed impeccable timing.  The resulting gap extended out to 20 seconds which left the high tempo exhausted peloton with too much do.  Local rider Leigh Howard, riding for IAM Cycling, finished second.  May be we’ll see an Australian win next year.


So looking at my cycling log for January, I’m seeing so-so start to the year.  Weeks 2 and 3 were blessed with good weather, light traffic and few disruptions.  Weeks 4 and 5 haven’t been as anywhere as productive. So I’m slightly below my target for week 5.  Bummer…

I guessing Feburary will be a big month to get this back on track.

Until next blog ride safe.