March’s Rides

Well Rouleurs it had to happen.  MMT returned to work.  However this unhappy circumstance hasn’t any effect on MMT’s cycling commitments.  This month, MMT broke the 750 km in month barrier for the first time.  Given MMT’s brush the nasty flu virus in the middle of the month, this was no mean feat.

The summary being:

Total Monthly Kms  753.29
 Total Rides  27
 Total Minutes on the Bike  1851
 Total Elevation  2170
 Total Calories  18561

So here’s the ride log. This month’s record is due mainly to RCC club rides and Saturday sessions on Beach Road. MMT also did the 11th MS Cycle on the 26th March in Melbourne. As per last month’s log the Weekly ‘Worm’ Graph is should below. 

As of week 13, the blue line is a head of the red by 485 km, which is nearly a full month of cycling.