March’s Rides

Rouleurs, MMT had a much better March from a cycling perspective. He’s still not quite in peak form.  This month, MMT broke the 800 km and 19,000 calories this month.  In fact, apart from December 2017 which included the Festive 500, that was MMT’s best monthly total. Given MMT’s brush the nasty flu virus in the middle of the month, this was no mean feat.

MMT has included stats from last year for comparative purposes. Some how MMT had one ride less, about 70km more distance covered and over 3 hours more on his bike, than compared to March 2017.

Here’s the summary:

 Monthly Total 2018 2017 Variance
 Rides 28 29 -1
 Kilometres Ridden 825.5 753.29 +72.21
 Minutes on the Bike 2049 1851 +198
 Elevation 2677 2170 -507
 Calories 19164 18561 +603

So here’s the ride log.

This month’s record is due mainly to RCC club rides and Saturday sessions on Beach Road. It also helped that March was a ‘5 week’ month, that had more days.  March’s contribution to the   Weekly ‘Worm’ Graph is shown below. 

As of week 13, the blue line is a head of the red by 390 km. The dips in the blue line are either flu or travel related.