July’s Rides


Dear God were does the time go!!! This is a catch up update made in December. I’m nearly six months behind in maintaining my bike log records.  Looks like MMT was much better in July 2018 than in 2017, when MMT was being YAFFed every other month.

The highlights being:

   2017  2018  Comparison
Total Monthly Kms  679.18  770.16  +90.98
 Total Rides  29  35  +6
 Total Minutes on the Bike 1728  2066 +338
 Total Elevation  1902  2905 +1003
 Total Calories  20019  15329 -4690

This is my spreadsheet log.


This my Km YTD worm graph. Happily the blue line is well above the red line, which means MMT is ahead of his annual target