July’s Rides

Well, this is a surprise, MMT is updating his ride log only two weeks after the month finished..WTF.  The main reason being that both his bosses are away on some junket in India.  Nice work if you can get it.   Looks like MMT matched his July 2017 performance but was well below July 2018.

In summary July 2019 looked like this:

  2017 2018 2019 Comparison
Total Monthly Kms
(Target 667Km)
679.18770.16 687.32-82.84
Accum. Kms to month end 4661.725080.34 4575.58-504.77
 Total Rides2935 21-14
 Total Minutes on the Bike17282066 1755-311
 Total Elevation19022905 3888+983
 Total Calories2001915329 12925-4690

So overall, it was a pretty good month, considering MMT is still adjusting to having a new team member and operating with very little sleep. Something to call out is that MMT is recent convert to Zwift. He’s bought a Tacx Neo 2 trainer to enable post kiddie bedtime training sessions. MMT has racked up 266km.

Here’s the monthly worm chart, which tells the happy story of MMT finally achieving his montly target, the first time since January this year…Boo Yaa!!