February’s Rides


Dear God where did February go???  My Parental leave is almost finished…I’m not ready to go back to work…sob…here’s MMT’s log for February.

The highlights being:

Total Monthly Kms  696.61
 Total Rides  17
 Total Minutes on the Bike 1677.2
 Total Elevation  2616
 Total Calories  16663

So here’s the ride log.

The big numbers are all due to MMT’s first attempt of the 100 km version of the Ballarat Classic and general training. Considering I had gastro and and chest cold c/o of darling daughter this was a great result.

Behold the Weekly ‘Worm’ Graph… MMT is all about innovation and data analysis. Which code for ‘I have too much time on my hands’, nevertheless as a motivation tool, this graph keeps MMT’s mind on the job. Its simple, the blue line has to stay above the red line to hit the 6500 km for this year.

Happily after week 8, the blue line is about 245 km above the red line.