February’s Rides

Ah welcome to February 2018.

The cricket season is almost over.  The winter Olympics have come and gone.  MMT is waiting for the start of the AFL season and French/Belgian One Day Classics. Unfortunately, MMT didn’t get to do the Ballarat Classic this year, due a schedule clash with a friend’s wedding.  MMT missed the wedding due to a YAFF, the first one that month.

Anyhow, wingeing over, here’s MMT’s log for February 2018.

The highlights being:

Total Monthly Kms 651.65
 Total Rides  27
 Total Minutes on the Bike 1617
 Total Elevation  1412
 Total Calories  18186

So here’s the ride log.

The big numbers at the start of the month are Saturday morning rides and RCC Southsides.

The Accumulated Weekly ‘Worm’ Graph reveals that MMT is about 290km ahead of his target at this stage of the year. The Blue is, happily, well above the read one, although there is an obvious YAFF-related kink at week 7.