December’s Rides

This is a seriously late update on MMT’s 2018 bike log.

MMT is almost 7 months behind and its nearly Easter 2019.  Dear God were does the time go!!!   December was all about catching up on lost time and completing RCC’s Festive 500 for the second time.

The highlights being:

  2017 2018 2019 Comparison
Total Monthly Kms 968.91203.3 +234.4
Accum. Kms to month end 7953.35 8269.62  316.27
Total Rides2542 +17
 Total Minutes on the Bike24253115 +690
 Total Elevation24964761 +2265
 Total Calories2292621252 -1674

Here’s the bike log for this month:

Here’s the monthly accumulated kilometre worm for this month: