Marv Owns Bikes

Here are pictures of my beautiful bicycles.

Wow its been a few years since I originally created this page and my list of n+1 bikes.


2016 Trek Domane 6 SL Disc

Purchased just before Christmas 2016 and ridden for over 8000 km, according to MMT’s Strava Account. This picture taken a few weeks ago shows my Domane fitted with Bontrager Aelous 5, 50mm carbon fibre wheels. I consider this to be the perfect road bike.

This what Bikeradar had to say.

2010 Wilier Gran Lavaredo
Purchased Christmas 2011 and ridden for over 12000 km. I lurve my Willier. Its now my commuter bike. Its been upgrade with a new Selle saddle, a Richie carbon fibre seat post, new Campagnolo back and front gears and Zonda rims.This what had to say back in the day


Marv’s Wilier with Zondas fitted.

2007 Canondale F4

Purchased June 2008, I’ve only recently swapped over to slick tires for commuting. Fitted with one-sided SPDS and a Defender mud guard, there isn’t too much in the way of commuting obstacles that it can’t handle. Here’s what had to say about it.  I can vouch for the slightly dodgy headshok.


 1996 Giant Sedona

Purchased March 1997, my oldest bike is used for commuting to places I don’t want to leave my Canondale. Has original fittings except of for the saddle, tyres and pedals. I keep trying to talk myself into selling it or giving it to good home….sob…I can’t :-).Its so old that I can’t find a review for it.