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20 Reasons to Love the Giro’Italia – Thanks Mr Walker

Dear Roulers,

In lieu of writing a proper blog this week, I thought I would share this infographic that appeared on the Peloton Magazine Twitter stream a few hours ago.  You can find it here:


However, this seems to be a case of ‘light-fingered-ness’ on someone’s part, as the original can be found here is originally drawn by Dave Walker.  Credit should be given were credit is due.  This has now become my new favourite cycling website 🙂

Caio for now


More reasons why Melbourne should be like Copenhagen

Occasionally, I read articles in the mainstream press about relative merits of cars vs bicycles as a means of commuting.  Inevitably cars win regardless of the merits of short range bicycle commuting or mixed mode using public transport.  Then I find something like this on the Internet  that convinces me that we really aren’t trying hard enough 🙂


Copenhagen bikes rule