Marv’s May Bike Log

Dear Rouleurs,

May was an awesome month for cycling.  MMT broke his personal records for most kilometres in a week and in month.  The magical 800km barrier was broken and some of MMT’s RCC assisted Strava segment times were appearing in the top third for MMT’s age and weight.  It’s a great feeling to be healthy and on the move.

Exceeding the monthly target by 280km made up for an ordinary April.  Its also put MMT over 670km in front of his progressive annual target.  Unfortunately June hasn’t been anywhere as productive thus far.

So here’s my usual graphs.  As you can see It was a pretty even month for kilometres.  Thursday and Saturday are becoming the days were high numbers are consistently occurring.

Not surprisingly my suffer scores for May were stellar.  MMT had 5 suffer scores in excess of 70 and another 3 in excess of 55.

My ride log is found here.

Until next blog, ride safe.