Marv’s April Bike Log

Dear Rouleurs,

April was a crappy month for cycling.  They say bad luck occurs in threes, so here’s MMT three reasons for having a generally crap month on the bike.

    1. Ride the Bellerine 2017 had some really horrible weather that included wind up to 100Km/h and heavy rain.  Marv thought better of doing 105km ride in those conditions and chickened out.
    2. MMT’s darling daughter AJ, contracted enfant syncytial respiratory virus which she gave to her dad, which resulted in 2 weeks of feeling like crap with bronchitis, which
    3. Wiped out the Easter holidays.  MMT had a Canyon booked through RCC Sydney for 4 days and was really looking forward to cruising around the inner west and eastern suburbs beaches.  MMT was too sick get on the plane.

All in all, this left MMT about 85km short of his monthly objective as evidenced by the gap between the green and red lines. Boooooo 🙁

Not surprisingly my suffer scores for April were pretty sketchy.

My ride log is found here.  Fortunately May is looking like a huge month with at least one week getting close to 250Km.

Until next blog, ride safe.


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