Dear God…its been weeks……..

Dear Rouleurs,

MMT has been suffering new untold levels of sleep deprivation partly to due SBSs excellent Tour de France coverage and the arrival the most recent addition to Team MMT. Born June 11, 2.38pm at 3.25kg, we look forward to when young AJ is able ride her first bike. Both Mum and bub are doing really well.

Hence no blogs….however today is the first time MMT has had to write something, albeit brief. Way back on 8th July 2016…it seems so long ago…The Age published a really wonderful article about how utterly traffic clogged inner Melbourne roads are becoming. ┬áThis infographic caught my eye.

Ha...proof that bikes are faster than cars in Melbourne.

Ha…proof that bikes are faster than cars in Melbourne.

Contrary to what the wag of journalist concluded, if you need to get somewhere in hurry in peak hour traffic, RIDE A BIKE.