And of course I was wrong again….it was Michael Matthews

Dear Roulers,

The problem with making predictions is that are, at least in my case, more often wrong than right.  So this is me, fessing up and congratulating Michael Matthews for his big win last night in the Giro 2015 on Stage 3.










Although its way before the mountains, I would just like to point out how incredible it is to have the following GC result at the end of stage 3:

  • 1. Michael MATTHEWS, ORICA GreenEDGE, in 8:06:27
  • 2. Simon CLARKE, ORICA GreenEDGE, at :06
  • 3. Simon GERRANS, ORICA GreenEDGE, at :10
  • 4. Jhoan Esteban CHAVES RUBIO, ORICA GreenEDGE, at :10

Finally, there seems to be spate of dickheads on bicycles at the moment.  Last Saturday I had a guy on a crappy MTB riding one handed, holding a helmet whilst talking on his mobile phone, and riding in the bike lane in wrong direction.  Hopefully this man will be Darwin Award winner this year.  Unfortunately, he’s going to have some stiff competition from some dickhead on a fixie, who caused a massive crash when he joined the peloton in Stage 2, 10km before the end.

Caio for now